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Trendpool GmbH

is an association of dedicated textile experts with years of experience in international purchasing as well as production and distribution of casual and sporting articles in the textile sector.

This background and the increasing number of contacts in the brand sector (A and B brands) led to the decision to focus in the future on the procurement and distribution of high-value branded goods. 

Since the pandemic, we have also specialised in the distribution of goods of all kinds.


other projects

We´ve grown with new businesses

In addition to the distribution of textile goods, we have also taken care of additional projects like :

  • support new fashion brands
  • marketing and collaborations with licences
  • distribution of drugstore products
  • distribution of relief supplies
  • bringing new products to the wholesale trade



Profit from our listings

We are listed with several A,B and C traders/companys who cover a large market in the B2B and B2C area.



Profit from our contacts

Our contacts include over 17,000 international and national traders, companys and institutions.

Profit from our experience

Our company has been in existence since 2016, which means that we have many years of experience in sales. We have steadily built up our contacts over the years and would like to count you among them.

Make some business

If you have any questions or are interested in doing business with us you can contact us immediately 

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